Friday, October 8, 2010

Bouncing On

Apparently it takes two months to stop "bouncing off the walls." Really though, it only took a few days for reality to grab me by the ear and shove my face against the grindstone again. Once you've done something, you enjoy it initially, then you begin to see how it's not a big deal, and you aim for the next thing. It's been a busy couple of months. I've critiqued, written, edited and dreamed more in the last sixty-some days than I have in all the other days since returning from OSC's boot camp. I have stories with a few editors right now and one with Writers of the Future that I'm hoping will get some attention. I entered the Codex Halloween Contest with a piece I wrote in three days, and so far I'm not doing too bad considering.

In short, my confidence, work ethic, and skill is growing (as well as my volume of work). I probably won't update this blog for a while until I have more to report. I think at this stage it's best to work more, talk less.

Oh, yeah. I meant to say something about the story I sold. It's called "Mark and Shelly's," it's only 750 words long, and I sold it for well above pro rates, which was very important to me for my first sale. Strangely enough, I wrote this story before boot camp, and it's one of the few stories I've actually done a second draft of. You can read the story (as well as my comment on it) for free on Daily Science Fiction's website. Reviews seemed favorable. The story probably won't see print until they start releasing year-end anthologies.

Catch you on the flip-side.